ADT: Control What’s Next 

In pitching to overhaul ADT’s web presence, we crafted a homepage that redefines the personalized user experience. This intuitive greeting from ADT uses advanced technology to sense how the user found the page – which then serves them an experience catering to their needs. Once met with relevant content, they are then able to further customize their content based on their specific needs for a truly unique interaction. 

Role: Art Direction, UX, Design


– ADT Homepage –


ADT Configurator

Users are guided through a step-by-step configuration module that provides them with the best products and security services.

ADT Business 
Account Dashboard

Business owners are enabled to easily monitor activity, as well as monthly savings. Comparisons for energy, water, employee activity and security access are clearly displayed for instant understanding, while neighborhood alerts show if there have been break-ins to nearby businesses.

 Also accessible from the Account Dashboard is ADT contact and service info, as well as, instructional videos and FAQs. 


ADT Pulse App
Set Geo Fence

Giving parents unmatched peace of mind, ADT Pulse allows them to drop a location pin, i.e. at the child’s school, and set a perimeter that is monitored by geofencing. A kid-safe bracelet alerts the parent if their child leaves the set boundary. 

ADT Pulse App
Geo Fence Alert

When school gets out, this alert informs the ADT parent when their child has been safely picked up and is on their way home.


ADT Pulse App
Neighborhood Alerts

Bringing ADT customers a new level of assurance, Neighborhood Alerts let the user know if alarms have been triggered in their area and when the police are notified.

ADT Pulse App
All Clear Alert

In the event of a Neighborhood Alert, the All Clear Alert lets the user know as soon as the situation is under control, so they can safely return, or leave home.

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Solid Iconography Set